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About Us

Kandy Station was established in 2011 when I bought my partner a chocolate bouquet from our local sweet shop. She was overjoyed with the Bouquet and demolished the lot! A few weeks later my partner, being the artistic type, thought she could design a more beautiful chocolate bouquet and she certainly did! When I saw the Bouquet that she had designed we both agreed we must start doing this professionally so we started Kandy Station.

Since 2011 we have sold thousands of chocolate and sweet bouquets to customers all over the world. This has lead us to create a range of other confectionary gifts, such as our popular sweet boxes, this are created by my partner and her team.

Since starting Kandy Station my partner and I have re-kindled our childhood love of sweets and we stock a huge range of retro sweets, including our favourites chocolate nibbles and fizzy bubble gum bottles. We deal with retro sweets that much now we even consider ourselves experts!

We also stock the latest sweets and to keep right up to date we import sweets from around the world, particularly America, our favourites are the unusual flavours or M & M’s, Reese’s and Hershey’s.